Saturday, 4 July 2009

Haven't posted for a whole month! Well i did it, i lost the last 6lbs, got to goal!! And then put it all back on! I cant seem to get rid of this last 6lbs for good, they just really want to hang around! I was so chuffed i got to goal i went shopping and bought some new size 10 stuff.... its a bit tight now!
I need to focus! Maybe cambridge has got me far enough and now some good healthy eating and exercise is the way to go?! I've been going to the gym 3 times a week for the last year, but i've taken up running as well now, maybe that'll help! Keep you posted :)

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Determined to lose the last 6lbs!!

So i havent posted for a while because i havent been on the diet since i last posted!

The good news is.... i have stayed the same weight and havent gained a pound! I'm really chuffed with that, its been nearly 2 months, and i was worried that the weight would pile back on!
So i'm going for another few weeks to lose this last bit.

This diet is tough, but it does work, and it works quick if you can stick to it. It is so extreme, which is a good and a bad thing! Its good because there are no temptations, it takes food completely out of the equation, and it's easy, especially if you are busy! It's bad because there is no room for slip ups, let one thing pass your lips and you could lose a weeks worth of hard work as it'll throw you right out of ketosis. I also worry if there will be any ill effects, now and in the future. But hey, i guess thats a risk i have chosen to take, some people will judge me for it, but its my decision. I have heard so many people say 'why dont you just eat healthily and do more exercise'.... i do!!! To lose weight i have to eat about 800cals a day, and i spend the whole time starving and thinking about food. But what i can do is maintain my weight by eating healthy and exercise, and i've proved that to myself the last few months. So for me the Cambridge diet is a quick fix! When i have gotten to goal, i don't intend to put any of the weight back on!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Week 8

Just checking in to update my progress and do a recap of what i've lost:

My start weight was 11stone 3lbs

Week 1 = -7
Week 2 = +2 (i celebreated my weightloss with a chinese takeout hmmm not good)
Week 3 = -7
Week 4 = -3
Week 5 = I stayed the same
Week 6 = -5
Week 7 = -1 (went on holiday and still lost)

So all in all i've lost 21lbs, a stone and a half!
My dress size has gone from a 14 to a small size 12!
And although i have 6lbs to "target" i am already very happy, i can fit into old clothes better than when i bought them, and slimmer than i have been for years.
My BMI is 23.3 so i'm a healthy weight for my height :)

I am having a bit of a struggle at the moment, i think this might be because i'm getting close to my target, and also i am content with my body for the first time in years. So i guess my determination has slipped a little, and i think maybe i'll let it for a while! Not to the extent of going back to old eating habits, and also i only mean for a few days. I'm quite interested to see how my body reacts and see if i regain any weight. I should mention to people who are considering this diet that this is not recommended, and you should move up each step every 1-2 weeks and not dive straight back into normal foods.

So i'll be reporting back in a few days! Watch this space......

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Day 36

Well i'm into my 6th week of the Cambridge diet, and all is going well!
I've lost a total of 16lbs!
I had a day off on Mothers Day and enjoyed a lovely meal, which will have completely knocked me out of ketosis, but the good news is i had my weigh in yesterday and i had stayed the same :)
I find it suprisingly easy to get back on this diet, i don't dread it, which other 'fad' diets (which i don't think this is) people usually get sick of within a couple of weeks, this i can see me doing for a long time and also returning to in times of need.
So i still very much have a high opinion of this diet and it is certainly working for me! :)

Monday, 9 March 2009

Day 22

What a fantastic weigh in! I lost 7lbs! I am very happy :)
Thats a 12lb loss in 3 weeks! And considering i didnt really 'do' week 2 i'm chuffed!
I'm loving my new way of thinking and my attitude to food, i really feel as though i'm on a little life journey, and have already learnt so much about myself in just 3 weeks.
I have to say i have become a very big fan of the Cambridge Diet, and suprisingly not because of my rapid weightloss. But because it has made me address my underlying problems with food.
I am really looking forward to starting maintenance, for those who don't know what maintenance is, as well as gradually increasing calories etc, its about introducing foods, 1 week at a time back into your diet. So you can really find out how you're body reacts to different foods. If you re-introduce bread and put on weight you know that that is something you need to limit, there is a lot more to it than that, but thats the basics.

I think the only negative thing i can say about CD is the actual ingredients in the packs, not that there is anything wrong with them, but i don't like eating sweetner, and a bit of a believer in getting all your vitamins from real foods etc. But i'm sure for a few months it won't hurt, and i am determined to not get back into my old habits,

So its all good in the hood!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Day 20

Wooop its my weigh in day tomorrow! Really excited! This week has been fantastic! I went out this evening to Nando's for a family meal and i stuck to my water, and it didnt bother me in the slightest, what an achievement! I'm chuffed! Then we did bowling and laser quest, and while the others snacked on chocolate and sweets, it didnt bother me at all :)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Day 17 "i'm flying"

Its day 17 and i am loving the ketosis high! I'm absolutely flying today, i have so much energy and feeling very positive! Thats the thing i noticed last week when i slipped up... my mood changed, i was very grumpy and tired and it seemed to be a vicious circle BAD MOOD + TIRED = EAT (lots)
But 3 days in and ketosis has kicked in again! This diet is easy ;) (well for today anyway)
I'm loving it! I also jumped on the scales this morning (i was going to wait til monday weigh in) and i think the 2lbs i put on has scarpered already :)
This diet has certainly made me a scales addict! Might have to get the hubby to hide them! Not tonight though! maybe tomorrrow....yeah yeah

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Day 16

I'm sorry i haven't been posting, its been a rocky week! I completely fell off the wagon! I started slowly low carbing for a couple of days.....and it was downhill from there! On Sunday we went to TGI's mmmmmm wow i have to say the food was fantastic... but afterwards i could've kicked myself!!! How stupid am i?? I lost 7lbs!! Half a stone!!! in my first week, so why would i want to ruin it! The answer is.. i don't know, i guess if i knew that i would be superslim!
So Monday morning i went to my CDC's (Cambridge diet councillor) feeling pretty miserable and dreading my weigh in. I hate getting out of the car, i swear the curtains start twitching along the whole street and i get this picture of two women in my head, talking about how fat my backside is, and saying that i'll never stick to the diet. I mean surely everyone in the street knows what my CDC does for a living, or maybe they think she's an undercover drug dealer and i've just popped in to get my weekly supply. I guess i do walk in with a wad of cash and come back out clutching a box (of shakes) for dear life!
So anyway i told her what had happened, and she told me that in fact i had had a very positive experience, the lady is a miracle worker, my whole frame of mind changed in seconds! She was right, so i may have sabotaged my diet, but i learnt a hell of a lot from it!
The main thing being that i need to address my underlying issues with food, otherwise any weightloss is going to be short term, because as soon as i go on a binge it'll all pile back on!
So i now have a new ultimate goal, i want to change my relationship with food, for good!
I have realised where my bad habits are and now i've got to kick them like an addiction!
I think the Cambridge diet is the perfect way for me to put this into practice, it'll be like starting over and building my way back up to eating a normal diet.
As for the weightloss/gain i put on 2lbs, so not all bad, i thought i would've put all 7lbs back on, so i'm pretty chuffed all in all and feeling very positive!

So yesterday it was straight back onto the diet with all the determination in the world! I can do this! I will do really i will :)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Day 8 'Weigh In'

Today was the big day! I got weighed!


So i'm really chuffed! Going for another week!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Day 7 'Can't wait til tomorrow'

Today has been ok! As it was Sunday i decided to add in a meal! My councillor said last week i can alternate between just the 3 sachets (soul source) and then 3 sachets and a meal (soul source +), this is the first day i've actually eaten anything! They are a bit strict on what you can eat, so i had chicken with some garlic and chilli and about 2 tablespoons worth of asparagus! I'm sure that sounds very dull, but when you havent eaten anything for a week, trust me it was delicious!
And i've still got a toffee and walnut shake to go! YUM!
So tomorrow is weigh in! I cant weight...wait!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Day 6

This diet is hard....but its working!
It is definately trying out my willpower.
I don't feel hungry, i've had no headaches, no bad breath or any other bad symptons!
Today is Saturday, and i think this is my hardest day yet. Just because we all have dinner together, then sit down watch a film and veg out! This is all going on around me, and i'm still sipping my water! Roll on next week! The weekends are tough!
I'm having cravings for things i would never normally eat... like pasta, if i wasnt on a diet and someone asked if i wanted pasta i'd choose something else! Today i'd give my right arm for some!
I've realised i need to learn the difference between physical and emotional hunger. I've realised i'm a comfort the extreme!
When i think about things i enjoy doing, everything revolves around food in some way!
I'm waiting until monday weigh in before revealing anything, but i know i've definately lost weight!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Day 3

I'm on a high today! I'm feeling fantastic, full of energy and found some flavours i actually like!
I felt a bit shakey and lightheaded first thing, but after having a Strawberry shake and a few glasses of water, i was fine.
I was worried about day 3 because i heard its the worse day, and you can get headaches etc, but i seem to have gotten roll on day 4! I hope its as much of a success as today!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Day 2

So yesterday i went to meet my councillor, she was very nice!  She weighed me, took my measurements, and told me all about the diet!

So here are my stats:

Current Weight: 11st 3lbs
Height: 5'4"
Current waist: 31
Current BMI: 27.2

My BMI should be between 18.5 - 24.9
So i am considered overweight.
To get my BMI into normal weight, i need to lose at least 1 stone.
My councillor thinks i will achieve this in 3-4 weeks.

The problem is... so far i have had Chicken and mushroom soup, disgusting! But i managed to drink it all.
Mint Choc.. very sweet, couldn't drink it all!
This morning i tried the tasted of sweetener, disgusting....i couldnt eat it all!

Sooo my determination is still there, i'm not feeling hungry i'm managing to drink the 2.25L water, the only thing threatening my progress is the taste of the sachets!

Maybe i'll get used to them?!!!

I have lots of other flavours to try........i just hope i like some of them!

I havent forgotten my photo's, watch this space!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Day 0

So here i am the day before i start the 'legendary' Cambridge diet, and not really sure how i feel.
Eating three sachets of powder mixed with water three times a day, sounds fun huh?
But reading up on peoples success stories, wow that's enough to motivate me!
For the time being anyhow, from what i've heard by the time you get to day 3, and the shakes and dizziness kicks in, not to mention the bad breath! Only time will tell!
So i am here to give an honest account, of how this very peculiar though seemingly successful diet works for me.
So now i have the dilemma...Chinese takeout?? I mean this is the last day, for goodness knows how long i can actually put food in my mouth and eat it!  I've read accounts of people who get jaw ache from the lack of chewing!! I've been chomping my way through food for the last 28years, and now I'm about to stop! Full stop. What if my jaw stops working completely and kind of just hangs there!

I will be posting my weight and measurements etc after my first meeting with my 'Guidance Councillor' tomorrow afternoon.  I'm even going to post some photos!! That's brave i think! I'm going to get the hubby on the case in a bit... i've just asked him if he'll take some photo's of me in my underwear...he seems well up for it!

The Chinese takeout is calling...

Asta manana baby