Sunday, 12 April 2009

Week 8

Just checking in to update my progress and do a recap of what i've lost:

My start weight was 11stone 3lbs

Week 1 = -7
Week 2 = +2 (i celebreated my weightloss with a chinese takeout hmmm not good)
Week 3 = -7
Week 4 = -3
Week 5 = I stayed the same
Week 6 = -5
Week 7 = -1 (went on holiday and still lost)

So all in all i've lost 21lbs, a stone and a half!
My dress size has gone from a 14 to a small size 12!
And although i have 6lbs to "target" i am already very happy, i can fit into old clothes better than when i bought them, and slimmer than i have been for years.
My BMI is 23.3 so i'm a healthy weight for my height :)

I am having a bit of a struggle at the moment, i think this might be because i'm getting close to my target, and also i am content with my body for the first time in years. So i guess my determination has slipped a little, and i think maybe i'll let it for a while! Not to the extent of going back to old eating habits, and also i only mean for a few days. I'm quite interested to see how my body reacts and see if i regain any weight. I should mention to people who are considering this diet that this is not recommended, and you should move up each step every 1-2 weeks and not dive straight back into normal foods.

So i'll be reporting back in a few days! Watch this space......