Monday, 23 February 2009

Day 8 'Weigh In'

Today was the big day! I got weighed!


So i'm really chuffed! Going for another week!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Day 7 'Can't wait til tomorrow'

Today has been ok! As it was Sunday i decided to add in a meal! My councillor said last week i can alternate between just the 3 sachets (soul source) and then 3 sachets and a meal (soul source +), this is the first day i've actually eaten anything! They are a bit strict on what you can eat, so i had chicken with some garlic and chilli and about 2 tablespoons worth of asparagus! I'm sure that sounds very dull, but when you havent eaten anything for a week, trust me it was delicious!
And i've still got a toffee and walnut shake to go! YUM!
So tomorrow is weigh in! I cant weight...wait!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Day 6

This diet is hard....but its working!
It is definately trying out my willpower.
I don't feel hungry, i've had no headaches, no bad breath or any other bad symptons!
Today is Saturday, and i think this is my hardest day yet. Just because we all have dinner together, then sit down watch a film and veg out! This is all going on around me, and i'm still sipping my water! Roll on next week! The weekends are tough!
I'm having cravings for things i would never normally eat... like pasta, if i wasnt on a diet and someone asked if i wanted pasta i'd choose something else! Today i'd give my right arm for some!
I've realised i need to learn the difference between physical and emotional hunger. I've realised i'm a comfort the extreme!
When i think about things i enjoy doing, everything revolves around food in some way!
I'm waiting until monday weigh in before revealing anything, but i know i've definately lost weight!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Day 3

I'm on a high today! I'm feeling fantastic, full of energy and found some flavours i actually like!
I felt a bit shakey and lightheaded first thing, but after having a Strawberry shake and a few glasses of water, i was fine.
I was worried about day 3 because i heard its the worse day, and you can get headaches etc, but i seem to have gotten roll on day 4! I hope its as much of a success as today!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Day 2

So yesterday i went to meet my councillor, she was very nice!  She weighed me, took my measurements, and told me all about the diet!

So here are my stats:

Current Weight: 11st 3lbs
Height: 5'4"
Current waist: 31
Current BMI: 27.2

My BMI should be between 18.5 - 24.9
So i am considered overweight.
To get my BMI into normal weight, i need to lose at least 1 stone.
My councillor thinks i will achieve this in 3-4 weeks.

The problem is... so far i have had Chicken and mushroom soup, disgusting! But i managed to drink it all.
Mint Choc.. very sweet, couldn't drink it all!
This morning i tried the tasted of sweetener, disgusting....i couldnt eat it all!

Sooo my determination is still there, i'm not feeling hungry i'm managing to drink the 2.25L water, the only thing threatening my progress is the taste of the sachets!

Maybe i'll get used to them?!!!

I have lots of other flavours to try........i just hope i like some of them!

I havent forgotten my photo's, watch this space!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Day 0

So here i am the day before i start the 'legendary' Cambridge diet, and not really sure how i feel.
Eating three sachets of powder mixed with water three times a day, sounds fun huh?
But reading up on peoples success stories, wow that's enough to motivate me!
For the time being anyhow, from what i've heard by the time you get to day 3, and the shakes and dizziness kicks in, not to mention the bad breath! Only time will tell!
So i am here to give an honest account, of how this very peculiar though seemingly successful diet works for me.
So now i have the dilemma...Chinese takeout?? I mean this is the last day, for goodness knows how long i can actually put food in my mouth and eat it!  I've read accounts of people who get jaw ache from the lack of chewing!! I've been chomping my way through food for the last 28years, and now I'm about to stop! Full stop. What if my jaw stops working completely and kind of just hangs there!

I will be posting my weight and measurements etc after my first meeting with my 'Guidance Councillor' tomorrow afternoon.  I'm even going to post some photos!! That's brave i think! I'm going to get the hubby on the case in a bit... i've just asked him if he'll take some photo's of me in my underwear...he seems well up for it!

The Chinese takeout is calling...

Asta manana baby