Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Day 17 "i'm flying"

Its day 17 and i am loving the ketosis high! I'm absolutely flying today, i have so much energy and feeling very positive! Thats the thing i noticed last week when i slipped up... my mood changed, i was very grumpy and tired and it seemed to be a vicious circle BAD MOOD + TIRED = EAT (lots)
But 3 days in and ketosis has kicked in again! This diet is easy ;) (well for today anyway)
I'm loving it! I also jumped on the scales this morning (i was going to wait til monday weigh in) and i think the 2lbs i put on has scarpered already :)
This diet has certainly made me a scales addict! Might have to get the hubby to hide them! Not tonight though! maybe tomorrrow....yeah yeah

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