Thursday, 4 June 2009

Determined to lose the last 6lbs!!

So i havent posted for a while because i havent been on the diet since i last posted!

The good news is.... i have stayed the same weight and havent gained a pound! I'm really chuffed with that, its been nearly 2 months, and i was worried that the weight would pile back on!
So i'm going for another few weeks to lose this last bit.

This diet is tough, but it does work, and it works quick if you can stick to it. It is so extreme, which is a good and a bad thing! Its good because there are no temptations, it takes food completely out of the equation, and it's easy, especially if you are busy! It's bad because there is no room for slip ups, let one thing pass your lips and you could lose a weeks worth of hard work as it'll throw you right out of ketosis. I also worry if there will be any ill effects, now and in the future. But hey, i guess thats a risk i have chosen to take, some people will judge me for it, but its my decision. I have heard so many people say 'why dont you just eat healthily and do more exercise'.... i do!!! To lose weight i have to eat about 800cals a day, and i spend the whole time starving and thinking about food. But what i can do is maintain my weight by eating healthy and exercise, and i've proved that to myself the last few months. So for me the Cambridge diet is a quick fix! When i have gotten to goal, i don't intend to put any of the weight back on!

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